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Your first home "the one", it shouldn't be a scary process!

I remember the excitement of buying my first home. There were times when everything started to feel overwhelming. Are the financials in order? Why do we need an appraisal? What's this escrow thing? And so many more questions began to flood in. Once you jump through many hoops your mind might quickly skip ahead to moving day. But how do you know if your roof is sound? Or if the hot water heater is running well? In your excitement of finding "the one" did you overlook a potentially serious issue? This is where a home inspection by Sweetheart City Inspections can give you that piece of mind. Look, I'm a detail oriented sort of person, I like to find the little errors that can easily be overlooked! Would a small issue like a cracked tile in a bathroom cause you to walk away from "the one"? Maybe, maybe not. What if that cracked tile was at the base of the tub and the previous owner's kid constantly splashed water around it and now the subflooring under the tile is potentially rotten? Sometimes little things can become big things, and big things can become expensive things. I urge you to have a home inspection completed by myself, find those little things before they tarnish "the one"!