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Piece of mind, what's that worth?

I have met several home owners and potential buyers recently who have been worried about an issue with the house. On the owners side, maybe it's been an appliance suddenly making loud noises just when you put the house on the market, or your house goes on the market and a week later a hail storm rolls through. On the buyers side, maybe the house looked perfect on the walk through, but that furnace looked old. As a buyer or seller there are things you will notice and learn about a house that will keep you up at night, and that's where a good home inspection can help! Instead of worrying if the furnace is going to last another couple of years, or if the diswasher is on it's last legs, get a home inspection and get piece of mind. I think of it like a math test in high school, if I was prepared and confident I would get a good nights rest before the test. If I didn't study or was lost, I'd barely sleep at all. I might deliver bad news, but wouldn't you at least want to know about it rather than lying awake at night wondering why the furnace was making that sound....in the middle of a winter storm? Piece of mind, helping people sleep better at night since (forever).

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