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Did you know....

Hopefully everybody know that you should clean out the lint screen on your dryer before ever load. This helps your clothes dry faster, and helps prevent dryer fires. But did you know that residue comes off of the clothes, dryer sheets, and fabric softeners? That residue can build up on the screen and restrict air flow. A simple solution is to remove the dryer screen and take it to your sink and let it soak in warm water mixed with dish soap (to help breakdown the grease like buildup). After it soaks you could scrub it with a soft bristled brush, then rinse it well. Pat it dry with a towel, and then I suggest letting it air dry until the next load goes in the dryer. If you do this simple 5 minute preventative maintenance tip, once every 6 months you could reduce your risk of a dryer fire, improve the efficiency of your dryer, and possibly extend the life of your dryer too!

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