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Decks, hidden trouble?

Look, I get it. I love weekend warrior, do-it-yourself (DIY) type projects just as much as the next person. Do I always know exactly what I am getting into before I start, no. Can I honestly say each project is as good as a professional job, no. But here's the thing, when a project has life or death in if I mess this up somebody might die....then that project is better left to a pro. Decks seems to fall into this category, the DIY'er weekend warrior thinks they can slap some wood here, bolt it there, attach it here, etc. The sad reality is that building a deck is seriously difficult work, at least to get it right and to get it safe. I recently inspected a deck that I would call "shoddy at best" and the homeowner was none too pleased that I picked it apart. But listen, where there are 20,000 deck collapses annually in the U.S., countless injuries, and even better be sure that I am going to thoroughly inspect every inch of it! I can tell you that it is a lot harder to "get it right", than it is to get "good enough", and at the good enough level are you seriously comfortable hosting a dinner party with 10 people on it? I wouldn't be, and that's why deck construction might be better off left to the pros.


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